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Head of eCommerce at Watsons

Collecting prices to increase sales and profits

After we started using the AMZCorporation pricing platform, we no longer re-evaluate the products in the tables, and Watsons prices are no longer dependent on human factors. Now I am not worried about errors, and I am sure that I can achieve and exceed the supplied KPIs. This means that the profit of the store will increase, and I can focus on strategic tasks. Thanks to the automation of pricing, my work becomes more efficient, more profitable and ambitious!

Sales Manager at Panasonic


Panasonic pays great attention to its brand, so we establish, support and control the correct positioning of our products on the market. AMZCorporation offers us a broad overview of the market and current pricing of resellers, and the automatic notification system helps you easily manage price violation notifications. As a result, we are building good relationships with our resellers, maintaining the required Panasonic brand image in the eyes of consumers.

Pricing Manager at

Automated pricing for large stores

Construction Yard ( is a wholesale and retail network of building and finishing materials on the territory of the Tyumen, Sverdlovsk, Chelyabinsk and Moscow regions, as well as the Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Okrug and the Perm Territory. Monitoring the prices of building materials is a rather labor-intensive process: a large assortment, geography of distribution, product differences with competitors. AMZCorporation allows you to quickly assess the situation on the market and monitor compliance with our price positioning. At the same time, our colleagues react flexibly to the wishes of clients and skillfully adapt the product to the specifics of our business. We thank the AMZCorporation team for an effective product, operational support and an individual approach.

Ecommerce Director at M-video

Save time with the automatic price tracking tool

I would say that with the help of AMZCorporation, the tremendous task of category managers is being solved: the automatic collection of competitor prices helps to reduce the time for data processing and pricing of goods. After integration with the service, our prices have become protected from human error.

Supplier Manager at Crocky


We carefully monitored competitors with the help of AMZCorporation. This helped us increase sales, increase profits and make the advertising company much more efficient.

Adrian Tudor
Director at Cufarulnaturii

Reliable data on prices and promotions of competitors

AMZCorporation has a user-friendly interface and excellent customer service. I have been using the Price Control product recently, but the results are obvious. With it, I can automatically manage product categories. This leads to an increase in profits of the online store and the achievement of the set KPI. Saving time on revaluation of goods allows you to quickly perform daily tasks and devote more time to planning new activities to attract customers.

Neha Agarwal
Sports365, Purchasing Manager, India


AMZCorporation reevaluated the pricing for us! For some time, our managers tried to set the optimal price for the goods, but in most cases it was the minimum price. This had a negative effect on profits. Fortunately, we found AMZCorporation. Now our products are set to the best prices: not minimal, but optimal from the point of view of the buyer and the income of our company. AMZCorporation, do not stop!

Sinziana Visan
FIND ME A GIFT, Merchandiser, United Kingdom

Competitive prices that increase profits

It is difficult to monitor the prices of more than 7 thousand products. Especially in the gift industry, where prices change daily. At some point, we began to look for an accurate and reliable solution to the issue of pricing, which would help us to be more competitive in price and at the same time get more profit from each product. The AMZCorporation platform matched all our criteria. Now we can track the prices of necessary goods on the market and increase profits, thanks to the quality and reliable data of AMZCorporation.

MyToys, Pricing Manager, Russian Federation


Effective price monitoring tool I want to recommend AMZCorporation software to other category managers as an effective and simple tool for monitoring prices. MyToys has been using AMZCorporation's Price Intelligence tool for over 2 years now and we are completely satisfied with the quality of the data. And even if there were delays in the delivery of data, the client success manager at AMZCorporation was always in touch and helped to communicate with customer support. My verdict is the absolute «yes» of AMZCorporation.

Кенгуру, Pricing Manager, Russian Federation

Now we are ready for competition!

Two months ago, our main problem was the number of products in stores. A huge amount of goods and the fact that competitors' began to be revalued more often did not give the opportunity to adjust prices manually. When we integrated the solution of AMZCorporation and began to receive timely information about competitors, customers perception of our price positioning changed and we began to achieve our business goals faster

Emotegroup, Pricing Manager, Russian Federation


Very good company. We are grateful for the market information provided by AMZCorporation. Probably the main criterion for us when choosing a tool for monitoring competitors' prices is timely delivery of data and information about competitors. We studied reviews and different points of view and selected the AMZCorporation product. If you are looking for a reliable team of professionals, willing to pay for quality pricing, you will be pleased with the choice of AMZCorporation.

Meloman, Pricing Manager, Kazakhstan

The AMZCorporation team is focused on our goals.

We obtained the desired results from cooperation with AMZCorporation. Using the products of the price platform, we optimized the revaluation of goods and increased the number of buyers. Separately, I want to note the qualification and speed of response of the customer support department. They solved our emergency questions 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Great product and great team!

Aizel, Pricing Manager, Russian Federation


We are really pleased with AMZCorporation AMZCorporation offers the perfect solution for online store pricing. Our team was able to focus on our goals and streamline the pricing process. Now our range is overestimated, taking into account information about competitors, and, accordingly, attracts buyers with an optimal price.

RDE, Project Lead, Russian Federation


Great service and great team AMZCorporation is a great product for RDE. Over the years of cooperation, we have increased the efficiency of our sales and profits. Using the AMZCorporation product we achieve our goals: we optimize the pricing process and increase the number of customers. I would like to separately note that we were pleasantly surprised by a qualified and quick response service. They provide us with assistance 24/7. Thank you guys! I think that AMZCorporation is a great team that makes a great product.

Yudha Pangestu
Mataharimall, Project Lead, Indonesia

AMZCorporation helps us increase our cost appeal.

The growing number of products in the range did not allow us to adjust prices manually. The situation was complicated by the fact that competitors began to change their prices at an ever-increasing speed .. After we integrated work with the AMZCorporation platform into our processes, began to receive and analyze competitors 'data, buyers' perception of our prices changed for the better. The same thing happened with our business performance.

Brutal-shop, Purchasing Manager, Russian Federation

Excellent price monitoring service

Integrated AMZCorporation to analyze the behavior of competitors, to revalue products and achieve goals in terms of volume and profitability of sales. In the process, we realized that it was not necessary to reduce costs and lose profits in the fight against competitors in order to gain customer loyalty. AMZCorporation is a great price monitoring tool that has improved our business performance.

Евгений Бондар, Project Manager, Azerbaidzhan


Thanks to AMZCorporation for optimizing pricing. We wanted to optimize our pricing and AMZCorporation was the best way to do this. Our pricing strategy required fresh analytics about prices, promotions, and competitor positions. Now we know all about it.

Placido Faranda
Acer Europe, France

Acer Europe

I especially want to mention the customized reports of AMZCorporation helps to track the market positioning of our products in various markets, price aggregators and marketplaces. Price fluctuations are quite frequent in the market. AMZCorporation provides a convenient tool for tracking the positioning of products in various online channels. It is worth noting the fast and high-quality customization of important reports for our company, which give us the opportunity to fully control the situation on the market and the perception of our brand by customers.

Philipp Metzler
Tink, Business Development Manager, Germany


Convenient and effective tool for monitoring competitors. Finally, our business has found an effective tool for monitoring competitors! Now we can make the right pricing decisions for our product categories. AMZCorporation recommends a revaluation of products based on an analysis of our competitors' data: their prices, stocks and stock balances. And, looking at our business performance, we can say for sure that AMZCorporation does its job very well.

Melissa D'Andrade
Canadian CPG Company, Purchasing Manager, Canada

AMZCorporation is a good Brand Intelligence tool

Canadian CPG is a premium North American brand. AMZCorporation is our reliable partner who provides us with a tool for monitoring market positioning. We track the market positioning of our brand among fifty retailers. Convenient violations reports provide a complete picture of the market, so AMZ Corporation's Brand Intelligence product is a great tool for working with distributors.

Anatolijs Platonovs
Elkor, Director, LV

Good price perception

We started getting insights about the market along with the AMZCorporation pricing platform. Their products offer a simple integration process, deliver fresh and high-quality data, provide fast user support - all we need at Elkor. Now we have more sales in the categories in which we intersect with our main competitors. We have increased turnover and profits, and pricing based on competitive information is the reason for this.

Arjan de Leeuw
SKB Europe, Office Sales Manager, Holland

SKB Europe

The excellent solution for tracking the market positioning of brands. SKB Europe is a company that distributes SKB cases for sports, music and industrial needs. AMZCorporation is a reliable partner that has been delivering quality data since 2015. Product Price Management helps us maintain our price positioning and respond to changes in time. So AMZCorporation has become our reliable partner in working with resellers.

MALKOVA GALINA BORISOVNA, Director of Pricing Department Russian Federation

Excellent online analytics from AMZCorporation

AMZCorporation provides Wonton with advanced analytics. The company's products are very easy to use, and we receive the necessary information about the growing market in a timely manner. The best thing is that in addition to smart pricing, we optimize the workflow of managers and planning. Together with AMZCorporation, we always keep up with trends.