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AMZ CORPORATE PTY LTD - a community of successful investors on Amazon

AMZ CORPORATE PTY LTD is a community of successful sellers on Amazon, an investment industry that helps open a remote business in the US and Europe from scratch. If you have an entrepreneurial spirit, look for freedom in business and want to be independent of bad economic reports, then welcome to our club.

Three years ago, we, being ordinary retailers of goods on Amazon, sold quite a bit each one of its own individual goods, but we didn’t see any prospects in this, all our actions and efforts allowed us to only receive a very small income, which sometimes didn’t allow us to cover even the costs of living each of us.

And having gathered together, we decided to change the existing order of things, because Each of us understood that the consumer goods retail market is potentially very rich and promising. We decided to unite and completely change the approach to our business, make it more thoughtful, so as not to work "blindly" using modern methods of corporate governance. The work was done tremendously, we changed first of all our own way of thinking. After a year and a half, we gave an interview to the vc.ru edition. on how to trade on Amazon.

Now, opening the platform for anyone who wants to buy any product, open their own store or chain of stores, and perhaps someone wants to go further and create their own brand on Amazon, we will share what results we have achieved with the team, how we adjusted principles of work and what we plan to do next. After all, relying on us, our partners should know everything about us, know our achievements, plans, ambitions and, of course, be convinced of our professionalism.


Three years ago, we set a goal to reach a turnover of $ 2.13 million per month by December 2017. Then we failed the goal, but still achieved it later. In September 2018, we made revenue of $ 2.24 million.

In January - February, our turnover ranged from $ 2.9 million to $ 3.1 million. In March, as a result of monitoring and changes in directions based on this monitoring, as well as signing profitable contracts with suppliers, we managed to increase turnover to $ 5.5 - $ 5.6 million.

What our company has achieved over the year

1. We began to work less with China

If the first months of work on Amazon, we sold only goods produced in China, over the past six months we have begun to diversify our suppliers. The main reason is the introduction of increased customs fees by the Trump administration. For some goods duty increased to 25% of the import value.

In connection with the latest innovations, manufacturers from Vietnam and India played with new colors. We started working with suppliers from the USA.

2. Conversion

In a previous article about Amazon, I wrote that conversion of listings should be at least 20%. Our average conversion is 30%. And when the conversion of the product card drops below 20%, we sound the alarm.

3. Team

Now our team employs one hundred and twenty-five people. 47 people are responsible for communication with suppliers and logistics, 28 for product promotion, 26 for communication with customers and investors, 24 for finding new products.

We have built work so that the whole process is not concentrated in the “one head”: each team member is well versed in his part, but does not understand the other. This reduces the risk that the participant can build a similar business. But, of course, no one is insured, and we are ready for anything.

4. Export from Russia

We have repeatedly tried to export goods from Russia to the United States. However, we faced a lot of problems with Russian customs, endless holidays and so on. Therefore, we have stopped this practice.

5. Investors

The first products we took at our own expense. To grow faster, it was necessary to attract funds.

After the last article, we received over 300 investment requests. Since then, 8 out of ten products we launch together with investors. Now we are also in the stage of attraction.

Why use investor money, not credit? 95% of business on Amazon is a matter of technology. All processes for searching and launching products can be systematized and put on stream, minimizing risks. However, we are interested in a faster development of our company and an increase in turnover, the faster we buy goods, the sooner we will be able to sell them to the final consumer. And what, if not attracting investment, speeds up the process of purchasing and marketing products, thereby increasing turnover.

Working on Amazon without our company you may have such difficulties as:

Poor data quality, constant correlation errors slow down decision making

Decisions are made blindly, without modeling the results.

Low decision-making speed in conditions of high frequency of fluctuations in the market

Working with our company, we guarantee

Guaranteed quality of competitive data with a loss compensation mechanism in case of errors

Proactive system of analytics and control of the market situation

Modeling prices based on sales forecast and demand

Our plane

USPS employees deliver purchases from Amazon several times a day.

Having worked for almost two years on Amazon, we realized that it’s impossible to build a stable business on one or two products. In order not to sink in money, you need to systematically launch products, it is desirable to have 70 products in rotation at the same time and to enter at least five more monthly.

Now we are thinking about building a big brand on Amazon. We are open to investors' offers! And if you feel the ability to acclimatize in this niche, you can become part of our team!